“Understanding Celiac Disease And Gluten Intolerance
A Video Program For Patients, Physicians, And Health Care Providers”



New 2 DVD Set Featuring Celiac Disease Experts Now Available

San Diego, CA � March 22, 2007 � New Era Productions is proud to announce the immediate availability of the 2 DVD set, UNDERSTANDING CELIAC DISEASE AND GLUTEN INTOLERANCE: A VIDEO PROGRAM FOR PATIENTS, PHYSICIANS AND HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS.

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are poorly understood, with symptoms that mimic many other conditions. Patients with celiac disease often have GI complaints, but can also suffer from anemia, infertility, short stature, IBS, joint pain, osteoporosis, Type I diabetes, neurologic problems, and itchy skin rashes. It can often take more than a decade for a person with celiac disease to receive the correct diagnosis, because patient and physician awareness has been lacking. But now with New Era Productions� instructional DVD set, everyone with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, as well as physicians, nurses, dieticians, family, friends, restaurant and food store owners can educate themselves about this common disorder. State of the art 3D animation, as well as an easy menu for quick review of specific chapters, creates an easy learning experience for children, adults and healthcare providers. This complete set of information is available nowhere else!

Specific chapters are devoted to answering all of your questions about celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and wheat allergy, including;

Introduction and Overview
Definitions (celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergy, lactose intolerance, etc.)
Diagnosis (includes antibodies and genetic testing)
Celiac Disease & Diabetes
Complications (such as osteoporosis and cancer)
Treatment and Food Labeling (including new laws)
Research and Potential Treatments (cutting edge developments in new medications and vaccines to treat and prevent the condition)
The Gluten Free Diet (advice on shopping, alternative grains, etc)
Resource Guide and Sponsors- A comprehensive video resource directory of support groups, books, websites, dietary guides, gluten free foods, testing, supplements, and much more!

After three years in the making, this is the first time that this essential information has been made available to the public in a DVD format which includes these world-renown experts:

Michelle Pietzak, MD, Script Board-Certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Alessio Fasano, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, and Physiology, University of Maryland
Director, Center for Celiac Research. Co-founder of Alba Therapeutics, specializing in developing alternative treatments for celiac disease.

Peter Green, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University
Director of The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, Author, Celiac Disease, A Hidden Epidemic
Featured on �The View�

Shelley Case, RD, Leading North American nutrition expert on celiac disease and the gluten-free diet
Author, �Gluten-Free Diet � A Comprehensive Resource Guide�
Featured on NBC�s �The Today Show�

Robert Anderson, MB, ChB, PhD, FRACP
Ian Mackay Fellow, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Gastroenterologist and recognized world leader in celiac disease research
Founder, Nexpep, a company developing a non-dietary therapeutic �vaccine� product for celiac disease

Francine Kaufman, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine
Head, Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Former President, American Diabetes Association (ADA), Author, “Diabesity”
Featured on CNN and Discovery Health

Pisit �Duke� Pitukcheewanont, M.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Expert on bone health and osteoporosis

Danna Korn, founder of R.O.C.K. – Raising Our Celiac Kids
Author, “Kids with Celiac Disease: A Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy Gluten-Free Children.”, �Wheat-Free, Worry-Free, �The Art of Happy, Healthy Gluten-Free Living� and �Living Gluten-Free For Dummies�

Andrea Levario, JD, Executive Director, American Celiac Disease Alliance, USA

Alice Bast, Executive Director, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Featured on �The View�

Elaine Monarch, Executive Director, Celiac Disease Foundation

Shirley Hack, MS, RD, Registered Dietician, Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

This educational DVD set contains a wealth of expertise from years of patient care and is now available through New Era Productions with a portion of the proceeds donated toward active celiac disease research and education. New Era Productions believes in preserving the environment. We therefore use recycled products whenever possible. The packaging for this DVD set is made from recycled materials.

New Era Productions offers complete video production services. Our clients can monitor and mold every aspect of the project for a custom, unique presentation. Our mission is to enlighten and educate your audience, engaging their senses to create pro-active thinking.

Printed information is also available for physicians and health care providers, contact us for materials. Discounts apply for support groups, educational events, and some retail markets (including small GF food suppliers). This DVD set, great educational packages, the audio CD set by Dr. Pietzak, books, and more can be ordered HERE;